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18V Mobile Stick Vacuum Cleaner - DCL181FZWX

18V Mobile Stick Vacuum Cleaner - DCL181FZWX


  • $129.00

  • High performance 5.3kpa suction
  • High performance filter
  • Push button controls with On/off and High/Low
  • Lightweight at just 1.4kg
  • Translucent dust container shows dust collection
  • *Average suction performance achieved over 2 minutes using a fully charged 18V battery and standard filter
Air Volume 1.4m2/min
Dust Collecting Capacity 650ml
Max. Air Suction 5.3kpa
Net Weight 1.2kg
Overall Length 476mm
Suction Efficiency 30W
Voltage 18V



Nozzle assembly (T-nozzle)

Sash nozzle
Sash nozzle holder
High performance filter

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