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M18tm Stand Light - M18HSAL-0

M18tm Stand Light - M18HSAL-0


  • $605.00

STAND UP. LIGHT UP. CHARGE UP.  The M18™ LED Stand Light/Charger is designed to deliver a lighting solution that ADAPTS, PERFORMS, and SURVIVES professional use, unlike any other portable work light.  The M18HSAL-0 can be set up in seconds to a max height of 2.1m and collapses to less than 1.2m for easy transport and storage. The light head can be extended to light overhead work or minimise shadows when casting light downward. The multi-directional light head gives users the ability to orient the three independently pivoting light heads to cast light in several directions. With an integrated AC cord, a user can plug in the light in an AC socket and charge any M18 REDLITHIUM-ION™ pack. Delivering 3,000 lumens, it fills up large areas with TRUEVIEW™ High Definition light.  For optimised control over the output and run-time, the M18™ ROCKET™ LED Light has three settings: high provides 3,000 lumens at 2+ hours, medium provides 1,700 lumens at 4+ hours, and low provides 900 lumens at 8 hours with an M18 REDLITHIUM-ION™ 5.0Ah Battery Pack (not included).

Features and Benefits:

Protective Shroud - Protects light head while in storage and transportation.

Durable Lens and Bezel - Each light head is protected with a polycarbonate lens. The bezel is designed to prevent impacts to lens in storage or tip over.

Metal Pole Clamps - The fixed metal pole clamps allow extreme durability in the event of a tip, extending the life of the product.

IP34 Ingress Protection - Protects the light from water exposure, creating safer working environments compared to halogen products.


  • 3,000 lumens of multidirectional light
  • Impact resistant, reinforced legs
  • Five-second setup, 2.1-metre extension
  • Dual power source: M18™ battery pack and AC corded
  • IP34 rated
  • Built-in M18TMcharger
  • Three independently pivoting head lights
  • Three lighting modes: High (3,000 lumens), Medium (1,700 lumens) & Low (1900 lumens) 

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